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foreign doctor's degree registration


What is the Foreign Doctorate Degree Registration Program?


Offered Services

Registration of Foreign Doctorate Degrees

In accordance with article 27 of the Higher Education Act (Reporting Foreign Doctorate Degrees), degree recipients may use the system to register their foreign doctorate degrees.

Foreign Doctorate Degree Report Certificates

Reports may be issued after the final authorization of the NRF, and will include information about the degree submitted by the degree holder.

Foreign Doctorate Degree Report Certificates issued by the NRF may only be used as proof of completion of the degree report by the degree holder.
The use of Foreign Degree Report Certificates as a document to authorize or judge the validity of degrees is prohibited
(Rules of Operation, Article 9, Item 4).

Statistical Information Services

Statistical Information regarding researchers who have completed Foreign Doctorate Degree Reports is available.

In order to provide a clear understanding of current statistics about foreign degree holders, the scope of data accessible by the public has been enlarged and is now indexed by year, subject, nation, university, gender of degree holder, and other various categories.

Search Collection

The dissertations and research papers of degree holders who have completed a Foreign Doctorate Degree Report and consented to provide research papers have been archived and made available to the public.

This service is provided with providing academic information to future researchers and interested members of the public.


This site is registered your degree information and dissertation.
After the required documents were submitted,
the workflow is in progress.

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